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Online Pharmacy

Дата: 2013-11-12


The Bulgarian online pharmacies provide access to pharmaceuticals via Internet. They are very similar

to a regular pharmacy, but offer a lot of advantages like privacy, convenience, time-efficiency and a wide

range of different medicinal products and non-prescription drugs.

The consumer is able to purchase personal hygiene and baby products, homeopathic and natural products,
vitamins, weight loss, diet and fitness products. The Bulgarian online pharmacies also offer a wide range of
beauty products (skin care, makeup, bath and spa products, accessories and hair care), but mainly
medicines that threat pain, fever, cold, cough, flu, nausea, different digestion and incontinence problems

or, in other words – all products, but prescription medicines.

The consumer should carefully read all product packaging and contact the manufacturer with any
questions before using the product. He must be aware of the fact, that the online pharmacies are not
liable for inaccuracies or misstatements about products. It is very important to know, that the
internet pharmacies are not meant to substitute for the advice provided by the patient's own
physician or other medical professional. The consumer should also not use the information
contained herein for diagnosing and treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any
medication. If he suspects that he might have a medical problem, he must immediately contact his
health care provider.

Most of the online pharmacies have a return policy. A person may return any item shipped by the
online pharmacy, as long as it meets a few conditions. Usually this includes: returning the item
within a certain amount of days of the receipt or returning it if being damaged, incorrect or have a
manufacturer defect.

There are a lot of advantages of the online pharmacies.

1.Ability to arrange weekend deliveries and free or inexpensive shipping.
2. Lower prices, more special offers and discounts than a regular drug store.
3.They send an automated shipment conformation email when they finish processing the order.
4.Special return policies.
5. Ability to ship products to different international destinations.
6.Providing privacy when treating embarrassing conditions like hemorrhoids, excessive sweating or
vaginal yeast infections.
7.Ability to comparison different shops for drug price.
8.Convenient for people with disabilities, elderly or those who don't live in close proximity to a
pharmacy store.
9.It's time-efficient.

The internet pharmacies of course have a few disadvantages like delay in the shipment or sending
an incorrect or damaged product. Biggest concern is the existence of unethical or illegal online
pharmacies. The medicinal products they sell is often fake or outdated and this could seriously harm
a person's health.

All Bulgarian online pharmacies must be registered with the Bulgarian drug agency (BDA) and
have a Certificate for registration of pharmacy to prove their legitimacy. BDA issues a Certificate to
every internet drug store and controls the trade with medicines. The agency also makes analysis
when doubting the quality, efficiency and safety of drugs. By clicking on a special BDA logo in the
online pharmacy's web page, that identifies the accreditation of the store, the consumer will be
taken to the official page of the Bulgarian drug agency. Also required is the web page to deliver an
information about the pharmacy's name, address, registration number and it's manager. This way the
consumer will be able to confirm with certainty the legitimacy of the internet pharmacy.




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